ChemicaLegos Mission Statement

ChemicaLegos Mission Statement

The power of Legos. The power of Minecraft.

People like to be creative when they play. People like to make things, to explore new combinations, and test the limits of their materials. People are enthralled by exploration and constructive discovery.

While this power is often used exclusively for entertainment, it can also be harnessed for education, specifically in the context of chemistry.

Chemistry, at its most basic level, is about the combination and interaction of elements. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to mess around with different elements like you would with Lego bricks? Like being in a chemistry lab with unlimited resources, and the freedom to "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"

You're given a selection of elements in your toolkit, and not much instruction to start. You need to become a scientist: experimenting with different elements in different situations, seeing what happens when they interact, exploring and learning about what happens. As you create more combinations, you expand the adjacent possible, which allows you to make even more things and learn even more on your own. This can be amplified by you unlocking new elements in the game as you figure out more combinations.

Surely, this is a more interesting way to learn chemistry than by reading a textbook.